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Ákos Burg
Ferdinandstraße 27/4/44
1020 Wien
created 27.05.2019, Vienna.
Chris Holmquist
Praterstraße 70
1020 Wien


After following the kickstarter campaign of "ONE INSTANT.Analog packfilm re-invented" I was interested to learn that Supersense currently wishes to recruit an instant production team member with not only experience in working with paper, bookbinding and analoge photography but also fluent English language skills. So, I am certain that I have the necessary training and skills needed for your position to support the high quality production process of saving instant analog photography with the ONE INSTANT packfilm project.

To begin with a brief introduction about myself, I was born on 10th May 1987 in Szeged, Hungary. When I was three years old my parents moved to Austria for better salary as scientists. Speaking fluently three languages plus Spanish quite well, I decided to stay here in Austria next to my beloved and important ones. So, I am based in Vienna working, studying, loving and enjoying life & obsessing photography here. I am the creative "black sheep" of a doctor's and scientist's family.

On the one hand I know your company’s philosophy and attitude pretty well as I am just living a few walking minutes away from the Supersense Palace. Going to this place quite often looking for new goods, drinking a coffee or just to get Anna Frey’s book “Bücher binden”. Every time a friend visits me in Vienna this café is a secret “must to show” for my visitors. Everything is high quality and unique there. That’s why everybody can get something out of this special place, not only photographers and analog fanatics. Even if they just inhale the special atmosphere next to a drink or get inspired by those awesome products you can achieve. 

On the other hand I am happy every time I spend time there because I adore old printing and photography techniques. Additionally l also love to work with paper in this digitally over-wasted world. My analoge notebook is every time with me. Also tired of just watching all day long the monitor, I produced books, transfer or fine art prints and little paper goods to hold a visual product later in your hands respectively something you can give away or sell. 

When I work with paper or other interesting materials, I am full of love and satisfied being able to use my hands. I felt this analogically during working on the following book project "Gumpi". After I had the photographs taken and edited them we let print the book digitally. The opportunity of working together in the letterpress manufacture of a very good friend of mine, we almost had no limitations in the production process of the book. We had to boost and reshape the book to make it high quality and unique. No obstacle was too much for us. I lost 7 kilograms in 2 weeks hard working and concentrating all the time on the production and its connected details. Nevertheless in the end I was very proud of the 31 books produced effectively and precisely. Please let me invite you to take a look of the luxury and high quality handicraft as following:

Analog (instant) photography rules and needs to be saved! A kind of advertising this medium to young people I held a two day analoge photography workshop for pupils at BG&BRG Boerhaavegasse, 1030 Vienna. Teaching the principles of exposing and developing in chemical processes in the darkroom, we started with the camera obscura: a room became a camera and we stood inside it. The second part consisted of handicraft: producing photographic products witch chemicals in combination with time by the students themselves. Here is a short photo series of snapshots I took during the handicraft workshop:

As you can see just from these two presented projects, I am deeply interested in keeping analog photography and paper goods alive. An opportunity for me to strengthen this community is the ONE INSTANT project of Supersense in the dream-come-true manufactory just a few steps away from my home. For me this company thinks outside the box with new-old approach of developing photographic type 100 packfilm. So I will be glad to meet with you to discuss how my experience and skills could benefit Supersense and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Graduated high school 2007 in Eisenstadt, BG/BRG/BORG Kurzwiese

2007-2013 studies at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. Department landscape architecture and landscape planning , Nr. 219.


2013-2015 ‘dieGraphische’ Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr und Versuchsanstalt Wien. photography department, graduated with superior success and received my diploma. 

I can handle Photohop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Indesign, CaptureOne and Premiere, of course.


From 2017 I opened my photo company and since then I am acting as a freelance photographer.

Languages: German L1, Hungarian L1, English C1, Spanish B1

Driving licence B since 2015, rolling every time safely.


Thesis (Fachbereichsarbeit) “Kreativ- Digitale Fotografie und Bildbearbeitung”, 2007


3rd place photo competition “streetlife”, zooming culture, Bgld, 2008


Group exhibition “Fotografie braucht ihren Raum” with Hans Wetzelsdorfer, Gerda Aigner & Co., Eisenstadt 2009


Second place “Landesjugendkulturpreis Burgenland”, 2009


Fourth place “Landesjugendkulturpreis Burgenland”, 2010


Official photographer World Gliding Championship, Szeged, Hungary, 2010


Photo, audio and screening workshop “Schlaflos durch den Tag, wach durch die Nacht”, 2013


Photographer, editor, graphic designer, social media and online content manager at, Eisenstadt, 2013-2014


Photo cooperation with Landeskulturreferat Burgenland in the book project “25 Jahre BGLD, der Fall des Eisernen Vorhangs, Edition lexliszt, ISBN 978-3-99016-071-8, 2014


Coverphoto and publications in “PREMIUM” magazine, autumn, 2014


Photo workshop organisation and holding and Kindergarten Kleinhöflein, 7000 Eisenstadt with and for children.


Practice at “LaManana”, Attila Tornyi, Büro124, Burggasse 124, Vienna, July/August 2015

Photo practice (assisting photographers and self operating processes in digitalising the collection of the museum) in MAK, Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst / Gegenwartskunst - Austrian Museum for Applied Arts and Contemporary Art, November/December 2015.


Cooperation with Bretz Austria + Hey-Mr. + MisterVienna’15 in Stilwerk, 1020 Vienna, 2015


Artist book project: “Vor Bildende Kunst / Before Fine Art”, first price in category photography, dieGraphische and nomination for Golden Pixel Award, Vienna, 2015 


First price at photo competition “refugees”, zooming culture, Burgenland, 2015


Cooperation with “Institut für Kultur und Konzepte Wien”, 2015-2016

Since 2017 I opened my photo company I did a lot of press photography and diverse other photo projects.


“Menschenbilder” Outdoor Photo Exhibition in Eisenstadt, Oberwart, Oberpullendorf, Güssing, 2018

One single photo exhibition in Kramladen Vienna, 2018.

Participating at the group exhibition "Here I live" in the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, November 2018.


I strongly do believe that analog instant photography deserves a new understanding of quality and true respect in todays defining digital photography ! I want to help instant analog photography not becoming completely and irreversibly extinct.

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