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Hello , Here I am .


some lines in a nutshell about me .

I was born in szeged, hungary in 19XX (let's make a secret out of it), so I am from the previous century . as my parents were into science with better opportunities in austria, we moved there when I was around 3 . so I started to learn german in kindergarten , english followed in elementary school , then spanish . after landscape architecture studies at the university of natural resources and life sciences in vienna I followed with photography at diegraphische . this ist the school hermann nitsch also attended , btw . now I am based in vienna as a freelance photographer open for creative projects and meeting freaky minds .

how I see and put it together into pictures - minimalism rules .

meine fotografischen arbeiten behandeln diverse themen , die hier in kapiteln vorgestellt werden. jede fotografie ist streng nach ästhetischer formsprache komponiert, die oft eine minimalitische und puristische perspektive zeigen .  der schwerpunkt meiner arbeiten liegt einerseits gezielt visuell eine bestimmte botschaft zu vermitteln, andereseits den blick des betrachters zu fesseln und diesen zu faszinieren . 

what do I do these days ? 

it's been a while I started press photography for the daily newspaper "diePresse" and since august 2019 I am also invited from "kleine Zeitung" to take pictures . however it's kind of a stressy job, could be, so I stay fit riding my bike on a daily basis . did you ever try this ? I can save up to one hour on a busy day . nevertheless I love to catch atmospheres in every single aspect : spaces and rooms fascinate me so does architecture in every single aspect also .  everything around us architecture . inside and outside . take a look at my pictures and enjoy my perspectives .


morning espresso with a bit of honey , makava , cold austrian tap water .


Thesis (Fachbereichsarbeit) “Kreativ- Digitale Fotografie und Bildbearbeitung”, 2007


3rd place photo competition “streetlife”, zooming culture, Bgld, 2008


Group exhibition “Fotografie braucht ihren Raum” with Hans Wetzelsdorfer, Gerda Aigner & Co., Eisenstadt 2009


Second place “Landesjugendkulturpreis Burgenland”, 2009


Fourth place “Landesjugendkulturpreis Burgenland”, 2010


Official photographer, World Gliding Championship, Szeged, Hungary, 2010


Photo, audio and screening workshop “Schlaflos durch den Tag, wach durch die Nacht”, 2013


Photographer, editor, graphic designer, social media and online content manager at, Eisenstadt, 2013-2014


Photo cooperation with Landeskulturreferat Burgenland in the book project “25 Jahre BGLD, der Fall des Eisernen Vorhangs, Edition lexliszt, ISBN 978-3-99016-071-8, 2014


Cover photo and publications in “PREMIUM” magazine, autumn, 2014


Photo workshop for children, planning and delivery at the Kindergarten Kleinhöflein, 7000 Eisenstadt.


Internship at “LaManana”, Attila Tornyi, Büro124, Burggasse 124, Vienna, July/August 2015


Internship (assisting photographers and self-operating processes in digitalising the collection of the museum) in MAK, Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst / Gegenwartskunst - Austrian Museum for Applied Arts and Contemporary Art, November/December 2015.


Cooperation with Bretz Austria + Hey-Mr. + MisterVienna’15 in Stilwerk, 1020 Vienna, 2015


Artistic book project: “Vor Bildende Kunst / Before Fine Art”, first prize in the category “photography” at dieGraphische, and nomination for Golden Pixel Award, Vienna, 2015 


First prize in the photo competition “refugees”, zooming culture, Burgenland, 2015


Cooperation with “Institut für Kultur und Konzepte Wien”, 2015-2016

Since founding my own studio in 2017, I have worked regularly with several press agencies and worked on a variety of other photo projects.


“Menschenbilder” Outdoor Photo Exhibition in Eisenstadt, Oberwart, Oberpullendorf, Güssing, 2018

One single photo exhibition in Kramladen Vienna, 2018.

Participation at the group exhibition "Here I live" in the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, November 2018.

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